Are you afraid to be different from others?

Are you afraid to be different from others?

Be different from others

Topic: to be different from others

Just because some idea or way we do something popular or common does not mean it's good for everyone. In most cases, things become popular because people do not have time to think about the correctness, and make decisions in life as the default.

It is therefore fair to say that the many decisions people make are not consciously aware of routine. There may be many other options available, but no one has enough time to investigate them, so he goes on line with less resistance, deciding on what is generally accepted.

Sometimes our decisions are the result of the pressure of family, colleagues, friends, what media or tradition imposes on us (because it's always working, so there's no reason to change).

Importantly, it's important that we do not often realize that we can make a decision for ourselves, but let others decide for us and adapt to what is currently popular.

It is not always easy to make decisions that are in the majority attitude. Many feel frightened and vulnerable when close individuals bring decisions that are contrary to the decisions they have made, so they are prepared to attack others and convince them with all their forces, just to avoid doubting the validity of their earlier decisions.

Parents, grandparents, or grandparents are often confused and condemned by a child who decides to choose only their own way without continuing family tradition.

Friends can feel abandoned and rejected if you decide to change some of their habits or behaviors. And you will feel frustrated in such situations as you notice that no one supports you or understands you.

It can be quite exhausting to explain the purpose and its reasons again, especially if you are in the research phase and you do not fully understand them yourself.

Topic: to be different from others

In such a situation gentleness, kindness, openness, tolerance, and will come to the fore and not necessitated but necessary. It helps if you are calm, convincing, and communicate clearly with those around you, not hiding your intentions and choices for which you have chosen.

You have the right to ask them to respect your choice, but you have no right to be angry if they do not understand it.

Of course, your life belongs to you and you have the ability to make the decisions you want, but you must always keep in mind that the most ferocious opponents will be the ones most favored by you, just wanting to ease the situation and help you get better and protect you possible pains.

Still, those who really love you will stick with you and support your choice, whether it's popular or totally individual.

Topic: to be different from others


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