Kidney stones solve it in a natural way!

Kidney stones solve it in a natural way!

Kidney stones, solve it in a natural way?

Kidney stone is a relatively common disease.

It is usually associated with water quality and nutrition, and affects about 14% of the population.

With this, men suffer three times more often than women.

Kidney stones are most commonly manifested through strong hip pain (side, ribs and hips), then through the lower abdomen or the side.

The kidney and kidney attack is one of the strongest pains known in medicine; they find themselves in the waves, followed by nausea and vomiting.

However, it happens to be kidney stones does not cause any symptoms, so it is rarely discovered by accident, during an ultrasound examination for some other health problem.

Kidney stone

Kamenas in kidneys are of different chemical composition, but in about three quarters of cases they contain calcium salts and they are also the most common species.

They can be formed in the kidney, urinary tract or urinary bladder, of varying sizes and shapes (from tiny, microscopic crystals to those of a few centimeters in diameter).

Kidney stones less than five millimeters are usually excreted from the body without special treatment, while larger (over nine millimeters) rarely disappear from themselves.


In most cases the cause of kidney stones is unknown.

The risk of this disease increases if there are eg family history of the disease, but also some nutrition habits.

It has been observed that genetic predisposition has a certain role, but there seems to be more influence on eating habits.

This is primarily thought to increase intake of foods rich in calcium, sucrose and fructose, oxalates (with spinach, peanut and almonds), as well as on animal protein.

Inadequate intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and too often consumption of mineral water with a high share of dissolved elements also increase the risk of lime formation.

It can also be an insufficient water intake into the body, increased physical activity, or high temperature work, leading to a greater loss of fluid by sweating than urine.

Kidney stone

Urinary tract, kidney and urinary tract anomalies, urinary tract mucosal damage, and in particular infections (primarily bacteria that cause urease enzyme) may also lead to an increase in the amount of certain substances in the body (calcium, oxalate, uric acid and cystine) .

Sometimes they are also caused by taking certain medicines, such as diuretics, cytostatics, or medicines used to treat the side.


In addition to the various ways to break and ejaculate the kidney stones offered by classical medicine, there are numerous recipes, baths, wraps, and herbal teas, which many phyto-therapists claim can make it easy to alleviate the problems.

Recipe with the prospect is proven to be effective; perfectly cleanses all the broken sand in the kidney that has been collected for years and solves the problem for only 10 days.

Kidney stone


In warm water, rinse the 200 gram of the prose and pour it into a jar of about 3 liter.

Drain boiled water until two-thirds of jar and cover well.

Then wrap the jar warmly and leave it 'ash-like' overnight.

By morning, the contents of the jar will turn into a shimmering fluid not very attractive, but it is exactly the natural remedy for kidney stones that you need to drink without any restrictions during the day.

Pour this fluid into another jar - while trying to keep the proso in the first one and do not throw it away, as it can serve as an extremely healthy breakfast.

Make a cake of a prose: add one cup of prose to a cup of water and cook for fifteen minutes.

Therapy lasts for ten to fifteen days, so every evening you are preparing a new beverage pot.

The kidney stone will successfully 'dissolve' and go out through the urine.

Please note that sand can be very uncomfortable, especially if it clogs the urinary tract.

Chewing in the kidney will stop after a few days of therapy, as this drink is effective in urinary infections and inflammation and will successfully restore the affected tissue.

Kidney stone

This is great and is great for prevention of kidney stones and make sure you try it at home.

  • Watermelons contain 90% of water and very efficiently wash the kidneys, thereby helping to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Especially useful for those who have kidney sand.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids have the ability to dissolve kidney stones.
  • Aloe Vera Tea (Blossom Herbal Tea)because of its diuretic properties it helps to eject kidney stones and reduces pain.

Kidney stone


  • Accelerate the throwing process
  • Reduce pain
  • Energetically balance the body and prevent its re-emergence


It is known that salt, phosphorus, protein, fat, uric acid and pathogenic microorganisms are the main renal enemies.

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