Chakra and everything related to them

Chakra and everything related to them

Chakra and everything related to them

Čakre - word "Chakra" Sanskrit is of origin and means round or whirlpool.chakras are the centers of energy and consciousness in the human body, and they also mark them as the vortex of energy and power centers. They are conical whirlwinds that rotate at high speed and metabolize energy, and color chakras are associated with the energy frequency that the chakra metabolizes at a certain speed. The first instructions on how to get started can be found in the Upanishads, Holy Vedic Writings of India.

chakras are not material, anatomically demonstrable centers, but the whirlwinds of human energy Auras.

Learning about the chakra is transmitted thanks to the yoga tradition, but the chakra itself can be recognized independently of the culture or the time in which it lives.

chakras affect the function of the body, blood flow, hormone activity, but also emotions and thoughts. They transform the cosmic life energy (pranu, chi, ...) that flows continuously through the human body. chakras they take over, collect and prepare for physical, spiritual, and thought processes. Each chakra belongs to a certain color, symbol, mantra, element, crystals corresponding to the energy frequencies of each energy vortex.

Here, we will introduce you to the basics of the seven main chakras and list techniques that you can strengthen, unblock, activate, energize and protect them.

The types of chakras and how to clean and balance them

There is a more chakras. We are talking about the seven main ones most often chakra which are placed in the middle of the body and are deployed from bottom to top - from the toe to the head - so that each next implies a higher level of existence. chakras are linked to the nerve centers of the spine and act on the health of the material body and spirit. Each of the seven chakras supplies important organs in the material body, and is associated with it by appropriate organs, glands, and joints of the nerves.

Each chakra has its front and back. The front is associated with human feelings, the back with will.

A man is healthy if his chakra is harmonized and open to energy flow; as much energy flows through chakras, the man is healthier.

If the chakra can not metabolize energy, we say it is blocked. The energy flow is too low and some parts of the body are not supplied with enough energy.

Therefore, the breakdowns and disruption that we recognize as illness or various psychological difficulties on the material level of man's existence are gradually evolving.

Chakra and everything related to them

Chakra and everything related to them

1. Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara (Sanskrit: mule and adhara) = the root and foundation of the entire energy system of the chakras. In the underlying chakra, he takes over and processes energy from earth and nature. Common names are the first chakra, the root chakra, the fundamental center. It is located in the area of ​​the trunk bones, pelvic floor, between the groin and the anus. It works on the adrenal gland, and through the adrenal gland to cortisone secretion as well as the adrenaline secretion. It affects stress resistance and sensitivity to allergies. The red color depicting the chakra mulher represents a strong energy, power, and passion.

Element is earth and planet Mercury.

Main topics: survival, grounding, stability, primary trust, material security.

Positive spiritual aspects: development of life energy, will, strength, self-preservation, endurance, rhythm; connectivity with earth and nature, primary trust, perseverance, probability.

Negative Spiritual Aspects: egoism, urge, darkness, existential fear.

Spiritual Indicators of Disorders: fears, weakness, depression, a lack of self-confidence, a focus on people who are safe.

In the body it affects: colon, rectum, bones, thigh bone, feet, feet.

Physical indicators of the disorder: intestinal diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids, lesions, pain in the crosses, vomiting, bladder and kidney problems, prostate, bone, weakness, blood pressure oscillations.

If we have a problem with a root chakra, which is red in color, we should eat reddish food: round, currant, cherry, radish, tomato ...

The crystals with which we can strengthen the fundamental center: the black obsidian, black onyx, black tourmaline, heliotrope, jasper leopard skin, red calcite, red coral, ruby, red jasper, garnet, hematite, quartz, mountain crystal ...

2. The Chakra

Chakra and everything related to them

Chakra and everything related to them

The energy is the center of sexuality and joy of life. Svadhisthana means sweetness and points to body and joy. Common names are the other chakra, the sacral chakra, the center of sexuality, and is located in the sacrum, above the sex organs. It works on the sexual glands - testicles, ovaries. The function of the sex glands depends on the production of sex cells and hormones. Influencing the sexual glands, the other chakra also affects mood and feelings.

Orange is a color, and orange color activates impulses that increase creativity and the will to live.

The element is water and the planet Venus.

Main topics: sexuality, reproduction, creativity, self-confidence.

Positive spiritual aspects: awareness of one's own physicality, vitality, creativity, healing energy, the power of fertilization, passion, joy of life, and women's energy.

Negative Spiritual Aspects: dependence on physical pleasures, urge action, aggression, pressure action, destruction, guilt feelings, fear of loss, jealousy.
Spiritual indicators of the disorder: loss of power, creative crisis, sexual helplessness, depression, addiction to addictions.

In the body it affects: sex organs and organs of the lower body, sacrum, pelvis, uterus, kidneys, bladder, blood vessels, body fluids.

Physical indicators of the disorder: menstrual disorders, prostate disease, impotence, frigidity, kidney or bladder problems, urinary tract infections, blood and lymphatic diseases
Crystals with which we can strengthen another chakra: karnelian (carnelian), sunny stone, goldston, aventurine peach, orange calcite, mountain crystal ...

3. Manipure the chakra

Chakra and everything related to them

Chakra and everything related to them

Manipura can be translated as a "glittering jewel". According to yoga learning, manipulation of the chakra is the main energy accumulator from which the life energy of prana or chi is spread throughout the body. Common names are the third chakra, the umbilical chakra, the center of the solar plexus. It is located above the navel, the abdominal area, between the first spine and the twin spine of the thoracic spine. Manipura is associated with the pancreas. It secretes numerous enzymes for digestion, insulin and affects regulation of carbohydrate change. Manipura is shown in yellow.
The element is fire and the planet Mars.

Main topics: feelings, power of will, power, self-control, personality, distribution of life energy in the body.

Positive spiritual aspects: self-awareness, emotionality, compassion, sensitivity, probability, spontaneity.

Negative Spiritual Aspects: insensitivity, sentimentality, self-pity, jealousy, envy, power obsession, neglect, aggression.

Spiritual Indicators of Disorders: irritability, anger, fears, insomnia, nightmares, insecurity, fear of authority, lack of confidence, lack of appetite.

Physical indicators of the disorder: gastric disorders, liver disease, spleen and gallbladder, digestive problems, painful back in the lumbar spine, nerve diseases, diabetes, obesity, arthritis.

Crystals with which we can strengthen the third chakra: citrine, rutile quartz, yellow aragonite, yellow calcite, yellow karnelian, sunny stone, golden tiger eye, yellow sapphire, topaz, mountain crystal ...

4. Anahata chakra



Anahata means indomitable, undisturbed and forms only the center of man, and connects the lower three chakras, which are associated with instincts, with the upper three chakras more human consciousness. Common names are the fourth chakra, chest, chest, and chest. It is located at the height of the heart, in the middle of the chest. Anahata works on the breast gland. The chest gland plays a significant role in the development of immunity, and the weakening of energy in the fourth chakra can manifest itself through allergies, asthma, contagious disease or cancer. The fourth chakra indirectly affects the maturation of lymphocytes.

Anahata is green in color.

The element is air, and the planet Jupiter.

Main topics: love, humanity, compassion, intimacy, sense of security.

Positive spiritual aspects: empathy with the neighbor, warmth of feeling, feeling of belonging to a group, feeling of self-worth, artistic expression, tolerance, openness, healthy reasoning.

Negative Spiritual Aspects: self-righteousness, opulence, coldness, insensitivity, bitterness.

Spiritual Indicators of Disorders: solitude, separation, problem of contact with people, hostile behavior, bad reasoning.

Physical indicators of the disorder: heartburn, chest pain, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, pulmonary disease, breathing difficulties, colds, back pain in the thoracic spine, shoulder pain.

Crystals with which we can strengthen the fourth chakra: fluorite, green apatite, green calcite, emerald, aventurine sherry, jade, rosemary, malahite, mahovinasti ahat, cherry, chrysoprase, peridot, rose quartz (rezenkvarc), mountain crystal ...

5. Vishuddha chakra



Vishuddha means to purify and to create the center of sound and words in the human body. Common names include the fifth chakra, the neck chakra, the Greek center. Located in the cervical spine, the area of ​​the larynx. Vishuddha works on the thyroid gland and the side parathyroid glands. It stimulates the metabolism and energy level and affects the nervous system. It regulates the amount of calcium, which is important for bones and teeth.

Vishuddha is a light blue.

The element is ether, and the planet Saturn.

Main topics: communication, verbal awareness, inspiration, mental energy, independence, truth.

Positive spiritual aspects: expressive ability to communicate, harmonious self-consciousness, diverse interests, ability to learn and concentration, rational thinking, power of discernment, speech and voice security, music listening, well-developed personality.

Negative Spiritual Aspects: dependence on glory, intolerance, escape from reality, overwhelmed intellect, aspiration to power.

Spiritual Indicators of Disorders: shyness, complexities, confusion, fear of isolation, lack of expressiveness, fear of expressing one's own opinion, speech problems, stuttering.

Physical indicators of the disorder: painful throat, inflammation of the uterus, gum disease and gum disease, cervical vertebral abdominal pain, head and shoulder pain, thyroid disease, speech disorders, ear problems.

The crystals with which we can strengthen the fifth chakra: amazon, aquamarine, blue calcite, blue ahat, blue tiger eye, blue quartz, chrysanthemum, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise, blue sapphire, mountain crystal ...

6. It's a chakra



Ajna (reading agar) means knowledge, knowledge and spiritual center, allowing attention and awareness. Common names are even the sixth chakra, the forehead of the chakra, the third eye. It is located between the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead, above the root nose. Ajna acts as a function of pituitary gland. It manages the whole system of endocrine glands and affects the immune and nervous system as well as the psyche. Sixth Chakra is the most important for maintaining general health.

It is dark blue, indigo-colored.

Planet is Uranus.

Main topics: intuition, wisdom, immediate knowledge, imagination.

Positive spiritual aspects: spiritual connectivity, self-confidence, creative energy, intuition, enlightenment, healing energy, visualization power, openness to new ideas, thought control.

Negative Spiritual Aspects: selfishness, narcissism, aspiration to power, lack of responsibility.

Spiritual Indicators of Disorders: weak concentration and power of learning, tremendous thoughts, fears, sense of nonsense, superstition, spiritual confusion.

Physical indicators of the disorder: headaches, stroke, eye problems, vision problems, hearing, nervous system disorders.

Crystals with which we can strengthen the sixth chakra: amazon, amethyst, apatite, azure, lapis lazuli, sapphire, sodalit, sugilit, mountain crystal ...

7. Sahasrara chakra



Sahasrara means a thousand-pointed, and the symbol is a lotus with a thousand petals. The number 1000 represents perfection and completeness, thus pointing to the importance of Sahasrare. Common names are also the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, the center of the head. It is located at the top of the skull, on the head of the head. Sahasrara stimulates the epiphysis function. It manages the absorption of light and the rhythm of changing awake states and those in sleep. A disrupted chakra can cause insomnia and depression. The Seventh Chakra affects the entire organism. If the energy flow in the area is too low, the consequences may be chronic illness, nervous problems, and life-threatening illnesses.

The sahasrare colors are white, purple, golden.

Planet is Neptune.

Main topics: spirituality, the knowledge of spiritual worlds, cosmic unification, self-fulfillment, enlightenment.

Positive spiritual aspects: connection with the universe, spiritual power, spiritual turning, religiosity, faith, comprehensiveness, introspection.

Negative Spiritual Aspects: the tendency to black magic, superstition, lack of interest in secular existence, retreatment.

Spiritual Indicators of Disorders: lack of life joy, escape from reality, blindness, mental depletion, depression, inability to decide, confusion.

Physical indicators disturbanceand me: headache, chronic illness, weak immune system, nerve diseases, respiratory tract, stroke, cancer, multiple sclerosis, other severe illness, mental illness.

The crystals we can strengthen with the seventh chakra: amethyst, diamond, pure calcite, moonstone, selenium, howlit, mountain crystal ...



The crystals are good for all the chakras

Encouragement / launch: garnet (garnet), quartz (mountain crystal)

Harmonization / Balancing: calcite, dolomite, heliotrope

Stimulation / Stimulation: botswana ahat, krizoberil, chrysocholi, heliotrope, fluorite, kunzit, obsidian, quartz (mountain crystal)

General tips for recovering all the chakras

  • Truthfulness is the fundamental condition of recovery of all chakras.
  • Do not enter into the body anything unnatural because it creates unnatural conditions and uncertainties.
  • The sun in the sky and the greenery (grass and trees) on the earth are COMPLETELY FREE and the greatest friends of health and spirit. Use them maximum!
  • Quit smoking, alcohol, drugs and industrial juices.
  • Drop sugar and all that has industrial sugar in it.
  • Discard meat, and preferably fish and eggs.
  • Shut the TV out of the apartment.
  • It only naturally naturally regenerates and cures naturally.
  • Happiness is the natural state of man and the expression of harmony and balance.
  • At least once a month to spend three days on spirulina and the best wild spirulina (an ideal method for restoring harmony and joy).

Vegetarian Diet in Long Hair Colors

American doctor, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, to coordinate the actions of the chakra (also everyday), recommends vegetarian diets in the colors of the rainbow. The food of specific colors ensures the energy and balance of energy centers and cleans, builds and heals glands, organs and nerve centers that are associated with energy centers of their respective colors.

Dr. Cousens suggests that we put energy into the first three in the morning chakras by eating food red, orange and yellow.

Around midnight should be medium-sized chakras by eating gold-yellow, green and light blue.

While in the evening you should eat the food of blue, purple and gold, with the golden color being a special addition of purple.

It is recommended to wear colored clothing "problematic" chakras and to eat foods that are also so scary.

The same goes for all the rest chakras except for the sixth, corresponding to all vegetables, fruits and liquids (water, teas) and sevenths that are fed by breathing.Graphic overview of the chakras


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