Healthy Food Recipes

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Batat Batat is a multi-annual vegetable culture of the tropical and subtropical climatic region, widely widespread, and belongs to the botanical family of slags. It comes from

Pesticides to Feed and Eliminate them in a Natural Way! Pesticides in Food - Find out how to wash fruit pesticides

Carcinoma Receptive Receptor A simple recipe for cancer and complete body care: pure blood vessels, healing the heart, restoring the immune system,

How should I eat? 12 Ayurvedic Tips How to Eat - Many of us really care about what we eat.

How to get rid of acne? How to get rid of acne? There are many ways, of course if you apply it at home you will not have

Masala tea! Masala tea in India tea implies a drink of black tea and milk, made with ginger and sugar and,

DUMBIR AND MED - RECIPES Ginger and honey have long been used in folk medicine as excellent natural remedies for many

Number Diet (Therapy) The Number Diet, created by Rudolf Breuss, was born 1899. in Australia, is based on complete elimination