Oat bark - use in natural healing

Oat bark - use in natural healing

Oak bark

Quercus robur L., (Quercus peduncu / ata Ehrh.) - lužnjak

Quercus petraea (Matt.) Lieb /., (Quercus sex, if / hour Sa / isb.) - jerk

Family: Beech, Fagaceae

Medicinal parts of the plant: casting bark with young branches (no floating part).

Pharmacy name:oak bark- Quercus cortex.

DESCRIPTION: Both types are listed oak deciduous.

They can grow up to 40 m, and have a broad crown with characteristic bruising branches.

Early on young branches is smooth, while on the older and on the tree it is very thick and deeply rasped.

The leaves are bare, up to 15 cm long and unbalanced perasto.

The flowers are single-breasted and monotonous, male in the limbs, females single or most 5 on the common axis.

From floral flowers grow, for oak characteristic fruits (jellies), which are in short-legged pike-perch.

VRIJEME CVATNJE: From April to May.


Hazelnut is a very common species oak which works primarily on humid soils.

Whiter grows on dry habitats, on slopes of lower slopes.

Both types oak come in clean or mixed forests, and for healing purposes are equally valuable.

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Code oak the bark is used, which decays in the spring from young, still smooth and almost glossy branches, which have not yet developed a cloak.

The most suitable branches are thick to 6 cm, but they are on an adult tree almost unattainable.

Therefore, they are cultivated in a number of areas in a special way oak to get a crust.

Approximately 10 years of old trees crunch and with them the bark is removed, and young branches emerge from the pond, which can be used again in the same way.

The older and cracked bark is not as good as the one on which lichens or algae were developed.

In the spring through the tree abundantly sprinkle juices so the bark can be lightly separated from wood. We need to dry the dung bark quickly.


There are tannins as the most important medicinal substances.

In the case of long-lasting dry bark, the amount of tannin is very low.

All other herbs are of less importance.

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The oak's bark best known for herbal purposes is the most buried source of tannins.

Tannins coagulate the protein and therefore clog (tissue wound) tissue, act against various inflammations (find out why it's aloe the best solution for inflammation of the mucous membrane and the body), stops projections and strengthens the intestines.

Because of all these features oak tree bark can be used to treat or alleviate many diseases in a variety of ways.

Grilling and flushing with the upright of oak bark very successfully treats various infections of the right, throat, and oral cavities.

Tannins grab proteins and subtract the nutrients from the bacteria. The "muffled" mucus is "thrown out" and is replaced by a new, healthy tissue.

Tears in the intestines work similarly.

Ovarian oak tea can overcome the sore throats in the intestines and stop the toughest prolongs.

The baths of proximal limbs are also effective in the oak kore, and the wraps are advised for eye inflammation, moist eczema, swelling and secondary inflicted wound healing ("open leg").

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PREPARING UVARS (CAC) OD oak KORE: 1 to 2 full teaspoon of sliced ​​crust to 1 / 4 l cold water, peel and boil 3 to 5 minutes.

Then tea is scrubbed.

We can drink 2 cup of teaspoon tea a day. This tea can also be used to prepare wet coatings, which we have to change from 2 to 3 times per day.

When inflammation in the oral cavity or throat we regularly and often grumble this tea (approximately every 3 hour).

For lids we only use soft, non-impermeable fabrics, which is especially important for the treatment of open wounds on the skull.

For octopus we need to dilute tea with equal boiling water, and for baths in hemorrhoid and oesophageal treatment, as well as for preventing foot sweating, we can prepare a stronger inlet (2 full spoons of bark on 1l water).


In the case of eye inflammation of the eye, lips and other eye inflammatory preparations oak bark they are really good, but we can also improve them by adding other herbs, primarily aloe true yelling and crying.


oak bark 20 g

fruit juice 20 g

cry 10 g

Add 2 to the top of the teaspoon of water to the 1 / 4 l of cold water, slowly warm it up and boil for approximately 3 minutes.

Dry the tea and chill out sore around.


National medicine oak tree bark applies in exactly the same ways as described in the chapter on healing properties and application.

SUSPENSION: In taking the prescribed amount of preparations oak bark there are no inconveniences.

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