Illuminati - Theory of the New World Order

Illuminati - Theory of the New World Order

Illuminati - new world order


You've all probably seen a dollar bill. You did not? Well, if you have not missed the symbol of the pyramid with the eye-catching eye on the top of that wallet. Below the images of the unfinished pyramid is the inscription "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which is 1782. was proposed by Charles Thompson, one of the founders of the American nation, when he was asked by the congress to design the final design of the United States' grand seal.

Thompson never fully explained this translation, but explained his symbolism, which means "the beginning of the new American era."

And the story would stop here so that we do not know how the unfinished pyramid with the umbilical eye symbolizes the Illuminati, one of the most mysterious secret societies in history.

The original Illuminati were a secret society of 1776. was founded by Bavarian professor Adam Weishaupt. His goal was to put an end to organized religion and all world governments and to bring humanity to the New World Order, which governs absolute reason.

However, their wrath has barely revealed the Bavarian government and the Illuminati were forced to conceal themselves and work in even greater secrecy. They do not know much about this persecution, but conspiracy theorists believe they still exist and rule the world behind the scenes.

Some of their greatest achievements are seen as the French Revolution, World Wars, Communism and the United Nations and the European Union as a means of centralizing the world under one parliament, constitution and currency. The synonym for Illuminate today is the Council for Foreign Relations, great think tank which consists of wealthy bankers, well-known scholars and influential politicians. They are believed to work on the achievement of the New World Order, the secular world government with the UN as a police force.

No one can prove the existence of the Illuminati, but conspiracy theorists everywhere see their influence. It is also intriguing that the Illuminati were accepted by 1776, when American independence was declared, and given their motivation to manage the world, it is not difficult to summon two or two.

adam weishaupt founder of illuminated

It is a well-known fact that the order is Illuminati founded a man named Adam Weishaupt, born 6. February 1748. in Ingolstadt in an independent state of Bavaria. He came from a Jewish family who accepted Christianity.

Accordingly, Weishaupt is a day of care for the Jesuits who have taught it. He was taught in Czech and Czech, later in Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Although the Jesuits had laid their hopes on him for his talents in languages ​​and sciences, he rebelled against them and became a professor at the Natural and Canon Law Department of the University of Ingolstadt. About 1768., Weishaupt began collecting large amounts of scripts with which he was planning to establish his own academy for learned people.

He read every ancient record and text he could get. I was particularly interested in occultism and fascination with the pyramid in Giza (which would later become the symbol of his Order). It is believed that the then influential Rothschild family hired her to help her in world-planning. Weishaupt has since devoted himself to the plans of "transformation" of the human race and the creation of a new world order. 1. May 1776. he founded the order of Illuminati.

The name was taken over from the translated name of the old Spanish "alumbrados", whose members believed to receive knowledge from that world. Illuminatus means "enlightened," the one who ruled by reason, freed from the darkness in which people are held by organized religion. Some Illuminati are associated with the name Lucifer, whose name means "the bearer of light". It is speculated that Weishaupt did not randomly choose this date of May, but that he symbolically represents the continuation of the persecution of Christians ending on that date of abdication of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.


Even the name of the founder has a symbolic meaning: literally translated, Adam means "the first man," while Weishaupt means "a wise head." Approximately two thousand paid followers gathered around him, who promised world power.

They were members of the intellectual elite, covering various areas of literature, science, and economics. Weishaupt has invested a lot of effort in upgrading the future members of the Illuminati in universities, suitably suited to his goals. Therefore, selected and talented students will receive scholarships for such training. The main aim of the Illuminati was to abolish the monarchy (and every other form of traditional power), private property, patriotism, the institution of marriage and all religions *.

Everyone working for that purpose was allowed all the means. Recruiting members was easy work. Many of them were of noble origin - Baron Xavier von Zwack, Adolf von Knigge, Alexandar Radischev, Claudio Manuel da Costa, JWGoethe and WAMozart. Soon after its establishment, Weishaupt realized that it was the best way for its plans to infiltrate the Illuminati members into the masonry lodges. The Masons were at that time an influential half-way society gathering elite people in their ranks.

The Infiltration into the Masonic Lodge had two advantages: since they all knew about the mass grave, but their rituals were secretive, Weishaupt calculated that his plans would be enclosed by secrecy, but the public would not pay attention to them because he was accustomed to the masons. Secondly, since many masons were influential people, they would easily be recruited for the Illuminati goals.

The "puco" was done efficiently. Weishaupt, together with his colleague Knigge (who had long since intended to centralize free masonry), wrought numerous Illuminati from the highest rank of mason. According to the hierarchy hierarchy, Weishaupt also organized his own secret society. There were three classes: the Nursery, which consisted of Pripravnik, Beginner, Minerva, and Minor Illuminatius. The second, Mason class, contained the stages of Illuminatus Major and Iluminatus conductor.

The third class, known as the Mystery, was divided into Niego (Presbyter and Regent) and More Mysteries (Magus and Rex). In the lowest class progress was achieved by writing a scientific dissertation, progression in the middle class was similar to the Masonic rituals of initiation, while for the most classes there were no written documents. As noted above, the main objective of the Illuminati was to destroy power, especially religion.

Weishaupt saw human reason as the only authority, and religion as an obstacle to reason. Retalling the analogy with parts of the Bible, he asserted that his organization like tree fruit knows good and evil. What the biblical God has left to man, Weishaupt's "religion" offers to its followers, along with world power. While traditional religion claims that man is a priori sinner, Weishaupt's thesis is that man is basically not bad - religion and state are the ones who make it bad. In order to get out of such a situation, one should use reason. Because of such teachings, the Church condemned the Illuminati to the worshipers of Satan and reacted sharply against them.


The Illuminati had their critics (George Washington, Poor Barruel, Professor Robinson), but also those who considered the congregation of masonry and illusions to be positive (Thomas Jefferson, Walter M. Fleming, Albert Mackey). (Manifold, 1998.) The Illuminati quickly infiltrated the world's governments and came to America.

However, although Weishaupt was a brilliant intellectual, he did not have the ability of a great leader. He had to face many scandals and problems at Illuminatus Rex. The first was caused by his mistress who received his child and threatened to blame him for the public. Then Baron von Knigge, who played a major role in the creation of the Masonic-Illuminati Alliance, sought a place in Weishaupt's coffin, with which he did not agree, so von Knigge left the Order.

Some writers such as Herder and Fichte (Illuminati members) have advocated for united Germany, which was in contrast to Weishaupt's plan to abolish nationalism. Weishaupt's arrogance and refusal to listen to his subordinates created many enemies in his own ranks.

No, 1784. Bavarian authorities have learned about this society. The messenger wearing the Illuminati plans died of a stroke in the storm. The documents he had with him were also found and transmitted to the Bavarian government, which immediately declared the company illegal.

An allegorical view of the new world order

Weishaupt had to flee from Bavaria east to Moscow and eventually to Gothu, where 18 died. November 1830. Even his death remained unclear. His associates claim he suddenly died while working on Hermetic magic books. However, the death of the Society did not cease to exist, but, on the contrary, several generations of illuminatuses were documented, which continued to work in secret.

The New World Order theory indicates the belief that some organization (in this case illuminati) strives to achieve centralization of world politics, ie the creation of a secular world government. The New World Order has totalitarian organization, and its organizers have absolute power. Some of the specific goals are the abolition of private property and the right to possession of weapons, all elections are controlled by the United Nations, the US Constitution replaced by the UN Charter, abolition of home education and the introduction of the world curriculum. The Illuminati approach this goal secretly.

Their method of coming to world power is not by military means or by public rebellion, but by operating behind the scenes. The Illuminati they never go public; they work secretly - infiltrate their members into high positions of powerful state governments, are used by bribing and imprisoning high officials in order to carry out their will.

It is the rule of invisible hands. members Illuminati it is not a goal to make the world government in their lives, but to gradually prepare and guide world politics towards centralization with the United Nations as the headquarters of all operations.

Manipulation to the media here has a major role, as well as setting key people at the forefront of important organizations. One method of achieving their goals in the theory of conspiracy is known as a problem-reaction-solution. We illustrate this in the UN example. After the 2 World War, the UN was established as an organization that will provide peace in the world through international politics and the "world police". It is believed that the Illuminati were the ones who sparked world wars (the problem).

The world's population responded to these wars (reaction) with an aspiration to establish an institution that will govern wars. That is why the Illuminati created a solution, ie UN. Conspiracy theorists consider the United Nations as an institution that will bring about a new world order.

The already well-known fact that David Rockefeller (a multimillionaire and a name often associated with the Illuminati) donated land for the UN Building gives rise to various speculation. The United Nations organization has a worldwide influence. The European Union has the same purpose as the United Nations: unite European states under a common constitution and currency. Thus, each state has less power that is increasingly accumulated in the elite's hands.

the Illuminati new world order

The official Illuminati symbol was a well-known pyramid today, taken from the mason. This symbol represents a pyramid whose top is surrounded by light rays.

It has been mentioned earlier that Weishaupt was fascinated by the mystery of the Great Pyramid in Giza. Modern Symbolists believe that the pyramid is an old-Egyptian occult symbol representing convergence at the height of enlightenment.

In this case, this culmination is the "eye that everyone sees", even called "trinacria". Weishaupt believed that the most intelligent man would take the place of the eye and rule with absolute power and reason. This is a pagan symbol that Weishaupt assumed because it symbolically indicates the ability of his order to supervise everything. It can be concluded that the whole symbol of enlightenment was chosen for the illumination purposes to disperse the myth of religion and bring light to mind and science. The inscription "Novus Ordo Seclorum" in Latin means "a new secular order," which is in line with the Illuminati concept of the secular state.

Their original beliefs are actually a compilation of learning of various mystical groups through history. The Illuminati have accepted Tantric exercises for meditation using the mind and body. They also practiced the methods and concepts of the Muslim Asasine as well as those of different Gnostic Christian groups. Although the first and most important objective of the Illuminati was world domination, they also had other aspirations.

These were transcendental enlightenment (the liberation of the mind from all earthly bonds), immortality, and absolute knowledge and power. To achieve this, they intensively studied ancient magic records and dealt with astral projection methods.

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