Yoga in everyday life


yoga in everyday life

yoga in everyday life

Yoga in everyday life

Thirty years ago, in the West, a great legal and spiritual teacher of Mahamandaleshwar Paramahamsa Swami Maheshwarananda - Swami was brought to the West.


Though today most may look like a fairy tale, many thousands of years ago, Indian sages - Rišiji - explored the nature and the universe immersed in meditation. Thus they discovered the laws of the material and spiritual world and gained insight into the causes that exist in the universe. They studied cosmic laws, laws of nature and elements, life on Earth, and the powers and energies that work in the universe.

From these insights and insights came a comprehensive and comprehensive system known as yoga. Yoga provides us with precious and practical instructions for body, breath, concentration, relaxation and meditation. With diligent and disciplined exercise, we can overcome many health, mental and emotional problems and achieve spiritual progress and self-realization. But how can you, as a modern Western, succeed in a thousand-year-old tradition?

In search you can very well help " Yoga in everyday life "A system that a decade ago in the West brought a great legal and spiritual teacher, Mahamandaleshwar Paramahamsa Swami Maheshwarananda - Swami, the last in the chain of one of the most prized Indian portions of spiritual teachers. They are, in fact, worthy of preserving yoga in its original form. Swamiy, as he is called by the disciples and devotees, has brought this ancient knowledge to the West, developing a system that has the inherent inherent in millennia of practical application, which is always a step ahead of the latest scientific discoveries.

This system is taught throughout the world: in yoga centers, open-air schools, health facilities, fitness centers, sports clubs, rehabilitation centers and health resorts. The system is suitable for all ages, and can be practiced even by people with special needs, patients and reconvalescents.

Numerous acknowledgments

The specialty of the system " Yoga in everyday life "In that it is divided into eight steps, which are taught step by step, and can only be taught by highly trained instructors after years of training and with the author's approval.

In Croatia, the number of practitioners is tens of thousands. Exercise is organized in all major Croatian cities - from Čakovec, Split to Vinkovci.

For those who want to go and step further, according to practical spirituality, every major city has centers where regular meetings, satsanzima, deepen spiritual knowledge.
"Living spiritually does not mean meditating and praying day by day, but being active and creative, doing good, and helping others.

The hands that help God are more valid than those handed down in prayer. " (Mahamandaleshwar Paramahamsa Swami Maheshwarananda)

Right in everyday life

For this reason, Swami decided this system Joga in everyday life. With his own example, his disciples constantly inspire the service and help those in need. And I travel tirelessly to the world, trying to inspire people to spirituality, tolerance to religious, national and cultural differences, but also to the protection of all living beings and nature.

The award was given to him by the Presidents of Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and for his stay in Croatia and the Dalai Lama. After several meetings with Croatian President Mesić, Svamiđija also received Indian President Abdul Khalam earlier this year in India.

Across the world today is respected as Paramahams, the accomplished Master of the highest order and Vishwaguru - the Master of the Universe - which is one of the highest and very rare titles in the spiritual world. Swami also participated in the World Summit on Sustainable Development, organized by the United Nations in Johannesburg last year, late August and early September.

There is an international association " Yoga in everyday life "Presented its rainwater collection project in the drought-affected Indian province of Rajasthan. In northeast India, rain has not fallen for about twenty months, and every day the consequences of drought have been directly affected by thousands of people and animals.

Prayers for Peace and Conference

International Association " Yoga in everyday life "A large reservoir lake is built in Rajasthan, which will, when it is finished, provide water and water for humans and animals. This is a pilot project to solve drinking water problems in the desert areas of the world, where experts from all continents work.

While the lake is not built, members of the organizationYoga in everyday life from the International Educational and Research Center "Shri Vishwa Deep Gurukul Maheshwaranand Ashram" in the town of Jadan, daily drinking water tanks serve residents in places up to a hundred and sixty kilometers away from the Center.

Inside the center itself there is also a special animal lodge. After praying for peace, with tens of thousands of people around the world, Swami did a very successful peace conference in Vienna last year, attended by representatives of twenty nations from all over the world and eight major world religions.

In March, as a continuation of Vienna, a large international peace conference was held in Australia and the "Yoga in everyday life "A similar conference will be held in January next year in India.

In the biography, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of today is the participation in the Millennium Conference on the World Peace of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at UN Headquarters, and at the European Union Conference which always strives to show participants the practical part of their learning.


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