Charismatic and Healing - Religious Prejudice

Charismatic and Healing - Religious Prejudice


Charismatic and Healing; Recently, in Catholic and Protestant church, As Paul described in the Bible's "Acts of the Apostles" as follows: "Then suddenly there came a hail from heaven, as if a mighty wind blew, and filled up all the house in which they lived.
And their tongues were like flames, and they parted, and each one came down one by one.
They all filled the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit had inspired them to speak. "
Presidents thought that the apostles were drunk, but they were the saints. Peter reminded that this was achieved by the prophecy of the Jewish "little" prophet Joel: God will "pour out of his Spirit" on every believer and give him the power of prophecy. This means he will speak without conscious thinking or control, often with strange voices or tongue, as if he is obsessed with doing miracles and healing the sick. When a man, a bride from birth, asked Peter and John, who just wanted to enter the temple, to give him grace, Peter decided to try: "I have neither silver nor gold," he replied, but "in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth stands up and walk ". He raised the man, "and instantly hardened his feet and ankles, then jumped, stopped and started to walk. Then he went into the temple with them, walking, cheering, and praising God. "

From "The Epistle to the Corinthians" Paul clearly points out that St. Paul earnestly believed in the need to forsake the Holy Spirit to the faithful, as he descended on the apostles at Pentecost; although "languages" may not be easily understood or interpreted, "spirituality" is what the Christians have given the power of prophecy and healing. However, as the Christian church subsequently sputed the hierarchy, dogma and ritual, it ignored the message of St. Paul.
Occasionally some small sects, including the quaker, returned to these roots. But generally speaking, the notion of receiving the Holy Spirit remained neglected.

charismatic the movement is trying to renew the pentecostal element at prayer gatherings and those rituals where it is allowed.

Charismatic are not so concerned with healing as to "achieving integrity," but the main premise is, however, the release of the healing power. Some are priests charismatics specializing in special types of healing, and some of them are described by the American Dominican Francis McNutt in their books Healing (Healing) The The Power to Heal.

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