Karma and the habit of karma - an alternative portal

Karma and the habit of karma - an alternative portal


Karma and the habit of karma, viewed positively, is manifested as a yang golden rule: "Do to others what you want them to do, too."

The golden rule could be applied to get what you want or want.

If you want to be successful then you must give and practice charity.

If you want respect and harmony, you must be kind and respect others.

Karma and the law of karmacan be used to avoid unwanted things or events by applying the yin golden rule, which reads: "Do not make others what you do not want them to do."

If you do not want to be cheated or cheated, treat others sincerely and correctly.

If you have cleansed most of your negative karma and you have not done any harm to anyone, then you have no reason to fear. Nothing will hurt you.

Karma and the law of karmait is unmistakable. This is the meaning of the statement "my justice is my shield". So nothing can hurt that person.

Thousands or millions of people can fall past that person, even if they do not even shave their hair off their heads.

The golden rule, applied positively or negatively (yang and yin), creates harmony and progress in your life and protects you from the rise and fall of life.

If the golden rule were applied by most people and most nations, it would bring world peace.

Karma and the law of karmais also the basis for the command Jesus gave: "Love Your Enemies!".

Returning hatred of hatred, anger for anger, disregard for disagreement, deliberate insult to intentional insults, just do things harder.

But instead of hating returning kindness and love, the result will be harmony and peace.

It is indeed a pity that, after almost two thousand years, Christ's teaching is not given due attention and is not followed by most of his followers.

The commandment: "Love Your Enemies!" Was not uttered by Christ alone, but by the Gautama Buddha and other world religious teachers.

The law of karma does not only apply to individuals, but also to nations.

In this connection, zakon called karmaand the golden rule can follow governments in the long run in solving their national and international problems.

The golden rule also teaches globally:

Do not do to others what you do not want others to do. Kung-fu-tse (Confucius)

Everything you want others to do and you do the same for them. Luke 6: 31

This is the essence of all true justice: deal with others the way you want them to deal with you. Do nothing close to what you would not want him to do afterwards. Mahabharata

Everything you do not want for yourself, no other person wants to be yourself. Dhammapada Wisdom of the Buddha.

The most noble sacred duty is - not to want others what you do not want for yourself; and that is what is painful to you, just as painful to others. Koran

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