Deliveries - a simple exercise that will rejuvenate you

Deliveries - a simple exercise that will rejuvenate you

Delivering 'winning breath'

Deliveries - Continuous obligations, traffic jams, and indoor closures can make us tense and cause anxiety in us.

Often we go to ourselves because you are in such a state we can not help.

The drug is simple - ujjayi pranajama (winning breath or the breath of ocean sound): a unique form of breathing exercise that produces a soft, whispering sound in the throat.

This breathing exercise is much simpler than it does at first glance, and is ideal because it can be included in various asanas, relaxation and meditation. There are several levels of performance, and here we will explain the initial.

Sit comfortably, preferably in some position for meditation or Turkish sitting. Close your eyes.

Relax the body by holding your back and head upright. Get your breath in your nostrils and allow your breathing to become calm and rhythmic.

After some time, turn your awareness on the throat.

When breathing becomes slower and deeper, gently tighten the throat entry by doing the action like swelling or loud whistling and continue with deep breathing (through the nose).

If performed properly, it will result in spontaneous light abdominal retention.

The air that passes through a new blockage makes the friction resulting in a sound like light snoring, only audible to you.

Once you have mastered this step, start practicing your sleeves with a wise kechari - twist the tongue backwards (to the limit of comfort, without strain) by touching the soft surface of the palate on its lower surface.

Relax facial muscles.

Consciousness should be on the sound that is created in the throat and with the proper breath and released.

Discard all thoughts about meditation.

Start with ten repetitions and with time, come in five or ten minutes, depending on your options.

When done, lie down on your back (savasana or dead position) and relax for a few minutes.

Make good exercise pranajama

ujjayi pranayama calming is the pranayama which also warms the body.

While we are doing it, we have a gentle pressure on the neck carotid sinuses that regulate the pulse and blood pressure leading to physical and mental relaxation.

It helps with all disorders and diseases of psychosomatic origin, starting from insomnia, and can be practiced in the dead person's position before going to bed.

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