Orbiter story - an instructive story of your own limitations

Orbiter story - an instructive story of your own limitations


an instructive story

While the first rays of the sun appear in the dark sky, hinting at the coming of the new era, the young eagle prepares for its first flight.

He is also excited and full of fear, so he asks the old, gloomy, witty eagle:

  • - Tell me, where can I get here?
  • - Where do you look? Said the wise old man.
  • - Tell me how high can I fly? He asked.
  • How wide can you untie your wings? The old man said.
  • - How long will I be able to fly? "Keep the young man.
  • - How far is the horizon? He asked, smiling, old man.
  • - What space can you dream of? He whispered.
  • - What space can you dream of? The old man asked.
  • - What can all I achieve? He murmured.
  • - What can you all believe? He replied.

The young eagle became angry, and disappointedly asked:

  • "Believe me, I've tried to answer you the best I can," he replied.
  • - Why do not you answer the questions?
  • "But you are the wisest whitish eagle. You need to know everything. If you can not answer me, who else could you?
  • - IT! ÒÀÝ she replied. - No one else can tell you how you will fly or what dreams you dream.

The answer for each eagle is different.

Only TI knows how far you will get.

No one else in the world knows the possibilities hidden in you or what your heart hides.

Only TI can give you answers to these questions.

The only thing that can limit you is your imagination.

- What should I do? The young eagle asked.

The old wise eagle said to him,

- Look at the horizon, clear your wings and LETS!

Lesson: Collect strength, Get out of your comfort zone and change your life!


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