Cancer - how are they getting?

Cancer - how are they getting?

Cancer - cancer: how to get it (habits that favor the development of cancer)

Cancer - The main feature of tumor cells is persistent and uncontrolled cell proliferation.

Some habits, which have been present daily in our lives, favor the development of cancer cells, and we are not even aware of it.

We all have some kind of in ourselves cancer, it only develops in some, and some remain in the initial stage under development and we do not notice it.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to enter today cancerous in the body, and they are the main cause of development tumor.

Cancer-causing substances are called CANCEROGEN.

Radiation, different chemical substances, viruses, and unhealthy nutrition are carcinogenic that cause damage to DNA and mutations that later lead to cancer development (initiating agents).

Smoking: Lung cancer is the largest killer in the world because it causes 20% death in total mortality from cancer of all organs.

Smoking is responsible for 90% of all lung cancer.

According to the latest study, published in the journal «The Journal of the American Medical Association», smoking is associated with increased risk for 18% of the development of colorectal cancer.


This food is one of the major fuels needed for cancer and its undisturbed growth.

The average man spend about 70 kg of sugar per year.

We can ask: So what's the sugar, how can I eat 70 pounds of sugar a year?

But how many sugar cubes put into a cup of coffee?

Two or three?

How many sugar cubes are in one bottle of Coca-Cola?


Therefore, Coca-Cola is a drink that you use to immerse yourself in an enormous amount of sugar, and you do not even notice it.

After Coca-Cola we're still hungry, so we eat dessert - and so on.

We have just invented ways to infuse people with an enormous amount of sugar that has a beneficial effect on the growth of carcinogenic cells.


Frequent drinking of wines containing ions of metal (cheaper industrial wine) affects the increase in oxidative changes in the body.

They are conducive to cancer development - said Professor Declan Naughton of London's Kingston University, which conducted a research, appealing to wine growers to include a process involving hazardous metals in the production process.


Taking antibiotics more than ten times during mature age, scientists associate with increased ability to develop Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, cancerwhich affects the lymph system.

More about the intentions we bring into the body every day and enhance the development of vision cancers in the article carcinogenic target.

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