Symptoms of depression and bioenergy treatment

Symptoms of depression and bioenergy treatment

Symptoms of depression and application of bioenergy

Symptoms of depression and frequent stress can lead to someone feeling sad and helpless.

What is different in depression compared to normal is that these feelings can last not just days but weeks or months.

In addition to the feeling of sadness that lasts all the time, there are many other symptoms of depression.

These are the following symptoms of depression that relate to:


Sad feelings, unusual behavior
Feeling helpless
Feeling of stiffness or gaps
Feeling anxious
Feeling guilty
They do not feel good.


Enhanced self-criticism
Believing that you can not handle things that are out of control
Difficulties in making decisions and clear thinking
Reduced concentration and memory
Reflections on suicide and the end of life.


Lack of motivation and energy
Loss of interest for everyday activities
Retreat from friends and family or feelings of addiction to them
Increased use of alcohol or drugs
Losing temperament more than is commonplace.

Physical symptoms

Loss of appetite or increased appetite
Changes in the sleep patterns - it does not work hard to sleep, sleep in the middle of the night, or sleep overnight
Headaches or abdominal and back pain
Feeling of physical illness
Lack of interest in sex. Lose libido.

This is the state in which, when activating the autonomic nervous system, an individual is feeling tense and uncomfortable in response to an undetermined threat.

About 70% of people experiencing depression and anxiety together.

Symptoms of anxiety can be very stressful for an individual and visibly affect his mood.
The symptoms of depression can vary considerably, because different people experience depression in different ways.

For example, an 25-year-old man who has a strokedepression can not have the same symptoms as an 70-year-old man.

In some people depression symptoms are so severe that everyone is aware of them.

Others may feel miserable or generally dissatisfied without expressing the obvious external signs of depression.


1.Depressive mood
Patients usually talk about feelings of grief and gaps. High irritability occurs in children and adolescents.

2.Loss of interest and satisfaction
Patients show a loss of interest in all daily activities, but also talk of loss of sense of satisfaction.

3.Changes in body weight
There may be a loss or increase in body weight, most often around 5% for a month. In children and adolescents, this is a change in weight that deviates from the expected.

4.Sleep Disorder
Insomnia or prolonged sleep is occurring, which is also a symptom of depression.

5.Psychomotor agitation or retardation
Intense psychomotor retardation or anxiety.

6.Feeling tired
Patients complain they are constantly tired and have lost their energy.

7.Earn less value and guilt
The patient feels responsible also for things not under his control.

8.Reduced concentration
The depressed person has difficulty concentrating, thinking and evaluating.

9.The reflection on death
The ninth symptom of depression is often a reflection on death and suicide, with or without plans on how it would be done.

Symptoms of depression and bioenergy treatment

By applying bioenergy to people with depression and anxiety disorder, a higher level of energy in the body is achieved.

Raising the energy level in the body results in the strengthening of the nervous system and the removal of symptoms of depression.

Bioenergy benefits and nourishes the nervous system of the whole organism.

Because of the faster achievement of the results, the treatments are performed on a large and small brain so that the improvement of the condition is visible after the first treatment.

For the complete elimination of depression and anxiety, approximately 10 - 15 treatments are required.

The fastest result is achieved if bioenergy treatments are on a daily basis, 5 treatment is recommended weekly for 2-3 weeks and the problem has been eliminated.

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