Carcinoma - Learn How Can We Help Bioenergy?

Carcinoma - Learn How Can We Help Bioenergy?

What is a malignant tumor or cancer?

Carcinoma is caused by uncontrolled plotting of epithelial cells in the body.

Novel, or tumor, the pathological collapse was due to abnormal cellular abnormalities.

The growth of tumor tissue outpaces the growth of normal tissue, is biologically irregular and unorganized and does not stop growing by removing the causes of change.

Basically, tumors arise when normal physiological regulation of cell growth control is lost.

The tumorous cells from the baseline cells are distinct both component and functional, but in most cases they can identify which cell types have caused the tumor.

Tumor illnesses have a serious prognosis, and some are life-threatening and are the current topic for seeking new ways of treatment.

The tumor mass usually originates from a single cell.

It has been accumulating for a number of gene mutations for reproduction and regulation of cell growth for years.

It is one of the most widespread malignant formations of breast cancer in women today, and men with malignant colorectal cancer, where the first signs of change polyps on the colon.

Species malignant tumors there are many. They are referred to and divided according to the tissue from which they originated:

  • Carcinoma is derived from epithelial tissue.
  • There are many subtypes - adenocarcinoma, derived from glandular tissue (ovaries, breast, etc.)
  • Planocellular, derived from platelet epithelium (skin or mucosa)
  • Hepatocellular, derived from hepatocyte cells in the liver
  • There are also many other subtypes, basal cell tumors (skin)
  • Sarcoma has its origin in bone, cartilage, fat deposits and muscle
  • Lymphomas and myelomas are caused by immune system cells
  • Central nervous system tumors arise from the brain and spinal cord cells

Malignant tumors are today the leading cause of death in the world, almost half of the people in the world can expect to be affected by some type of tumor throughout their lives.

There are various factors that favor tumor development, here you can read the main causes of cancer we are exposed every day, they should be avoided so as not to be a cancer victim.

Tumors have always existed, their incidence is assumed to increase, especially in the last century, with increased pollution and industrialization, with life-style changes and eating habits.

However, a significant prolongation of the lives of people due to the most diverse discoveries in modern medicine should also be taken into account, thus increasing the chance of contracting malignant diseases.

Interestingly, the earliest tumor cases were found in human mummies in ancient Egypt, on bone remains, suggesting that it was osteosarcoma and in a manuscript of a physician who described some cases of tumors that healed by burning the tissue and proclaimed incurable around 3000 before A.D.

Today, the situation is very different.

Having cancer does not mean having an incurable disease

It can be said that a malignant tumor has almost become a chronic disease in a number of cases and that cures are not rare, if the treatment started at an early stage of the disease, which today's diagnosis allows.

People suffering from this diagnosis should primarily change their lifestyle, as in most cases the occurrence of this diagnosis was due to an unsettled lifestyle (diet, stress etc.).

In the treatment of malignant diseaseshealthy diet has a very important role.

There are many ways to eat on the internet today, but be careful because it does not have to mean that all are good.

In the long-term monitoring of patients diagnosed with this diagnosis, I have noted some of the dietary uses that are useful in this disease, and which have yielded positive results in obese patients.

You can find more information on eating and fighting for these serious diseases our cover or read some from an example of cancer cure in my practice.

In the treatment of all types of bio-energy tumors, excellent results have been shown.

Before starting the first treatment, it is necessary to bring medical documentation to determine the starting point before the onset of treatment and have the relevant therapeutic results.

Bioenergy Treatments

Bioenergy treatments for malignant tumors are performed daily on 5x per week, which results in 20 treatment results that should be seen on diagnostic devices.

The rate of withdrawal depends on the type, the tumor stage and the amount of metastasis in the body.

Some of the examples of curing this serious illness can be found in the articles that were published in print media.

For more information and inquiries about the impact of bioenergy on cancer I advise you to contact me here, or fill out the form below!

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