Fear makes you sick!

Fear makes you sick!

Fear makes you sick!

Fear You have to start your own business because you may not succeed.

You are afraid to go to the doctor because he might find something bad.

You are afraid to get married because you may be divorced.

Afraid to travel to Africa because Africa can be very dangerous.

You are afraid to do what you like because you can not pay the bills here.

You are afraid to ask the object of your love to come out with you because you might be denied it.

You're afraid of the first kiss.

You are afraid to take guitar lessons because you may be bad.

Fear to give up on the job that slams your soul - you might never find another job.

You are afraid to retire because you may not have enough money.

You are afraid to buy your dream home because you may not be able to raise your mortgage.

You are afraid to take lessons from the French language because that might mean that you really have to go to France.

Fear It is you not to see how you cry because you might think it is unprofessional.

You are afraid not to see your true face because you may not like them.

Fear is everywhere

Fear surrounds us. Fear is full of many of us, from moment to moment, day after day.

We are like crawling rats who run trapped in the labyrinth as we drag the dragons. Life is awesome.

But did you know that it was fear more harmful for health than smoking, alcohol, fried food or inactivity ?!

There, now you have something else you will be scared. (I'm just kidding.)

We experience fear with reason.

Fear is the oldest emotion in the development of human species and appears as a reaction to danger.

But I got the news for you. Everything is in your mind. Actually - in your body. Here's how.

Body reaction to stress

When your brain registers emotion fear - whether it is a fear of rejection of a person you love, fear of losing work, or losing money - it has triggered a switch that activates HPA (hypothalamus - pituitary - an adrenal axis), triggers a hypothalamus and releases corticotropin (CRF) to nerve system.

CRF stimulates the pituitary, causing it to break prolactin, growth hormone and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which stimulates the adrenal gland and causes it to cortisol, which is responsible for maintenance homeostasis in the body when the brain experiences fear and threat, a clear and present danger.

When you're scared, your brain also comes in sympathetic nervous system ("Fight or escape" reaction), which causes the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine from the adrenal glands that increase the pulse, blood pressure, and affect other physiological reactions.

Exposure to these hormones results in various changes and changes of substance throughout the body.

Adrenalin increases the activity of the heart that thus faster supplies the blood to the brain and muscles.

Blood vessels tighten, blood clotting time shrinks in that way decreasesis the likelihood of severe bleeding in wounding in a cave bear fight.

We breathe faster and deeper, reducing salivation and mucus, allowing an increased passage of air into the lungs.

Increased sweating lowers body heat.

The muscles are pressed so that the body is ready for rapid action. The pupil of the eye is widening, making the eyes become vulnerable.

From the thymus to the bloodstream suddenly releases more lymphocytes to help overcome the possible infection.

At the same time, the less important body reaction is delayed preservation the total amount of energy, which reduces the digestion.

Gastric acid increases, digestive enzymes are reduced, which often leads to contraction of the esophagus, diarrhea or jail.

All these reactions appear to be ready to resist the dangers we are currently facing.

When you are in fear of losing money, losing a loved one, or fearing failure at a business plan, your body does not realize that there is no real, physical threat.

Includes physiological a response to stress, and over time, when this reaction is repeatedly repeated, it is actually more evil than good.

Here's what the trick is

Due to the long-term exposure to stress comes to mind exhaustion, and when the body in such a state can not be repaired only.

Body functions can only be corrected when the body is in a state of physiological relaxation.

When the answer to stress repeatedly triggers, organs are activated damage, and the body can not fix them alone.

stations crayfish which we produce and which our immune system otherwise destroys, can begin to reproduce rapidly.

Occasionally Exhaustion of the body takes its toll and we get rid of it.

It does not have to be this way!

The body knows how to relax with the scientifically proven relaxation response.

The American Institute Against Stress (AIS) and Dr. Herbert Benon discovered and defined the "relaxation response".

It's a deep physical state of rest when it is change physical and emotional way the body responds to stress.

When the "relaxation response" starts, then it isslows work of metabolism and heart, blood pressure drops, breathing decelerates.

When you are aware, the big brain thinks positive thoughts, things like love, bond, intimacy, pleasure, and hope, the emotions of fear are scattered, and the hypothalamus stops responding to stress.

When you feel optimism and hope, love and support, success in professional, creative and spiritual life, the reaction of relaxation takes the place of reaction to stress.

Fear makes you sick and makes recovery difficult.

Love, faith and satisfaction are preventative drugs and very effective treatments.

When the body relaxes, the sympathetic nervous systemexcludes.

Reduces cortisol and adrenaline, which damages the body over time.

The parasympathetic nervous system takes over the function.

The immune system involves, and the body can begin its natural process self-healing.

Voila! Your mind can cure the body and it is not a New Age metaphysical thing. It is physiology.


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