Body temperature and the influence of meditation

Body temperature and the influence of meditation

Body temperature and the influence of meditation

Body temperature - Scientists claim that the brain can control body temperature during meditation, a discovery that can be of great help in strengthening immunity in infectious diseases and in a weakened immune system.

A team of scientists led by Professor Mari Kozhevnik from the Department of Psychology at the State University of Singapore, studied Tibetan nuns who practiced the form of meditation calledg-tummo.

Practitioners believe that g-dark meditation allows control of "inner energy" and considers this kind of meditation one of the most sacred spiritual practices.

Monks say that this kind of tradition is very rare and limited mostly to distant regions of eastern Tibet.

Scientists have studied this unique ceremony at Tibet, in which meditating nuns were able to raise their body temperature to such an extent that in the cold conditions of the Himalayas at -25, they managed to dry the wet sheets that were wrapped around the body.

Previous study by practitioners g-tummu of meditation showed only a peripheral increase in body temperature in the fingers.

Now, as seen from the study published in the journalPlosOne, researchers documented an increase in body temperature throughout the nun meditation.

Using the EEG and body temperature measurement, the body temperature was increased to 38,3.

Another study was made on the Westerners who used the breathing technique that is an integral part of g-dark meditation practice, but without meditative visualization.

And they were able to raise body temperature within normal values.

The findings from this study point to the possibility of using certain meditation techniques in those who are otherwise not practicing in order to raise the body temperature by breathing and mental images.

This technique could possibly enable practitioners to better adapt and function in cold weather conditions, increase resistance to infections and improve cognitive performance by cushing the reaction time and reducing problems associated with lowering body temperature.

Two elements of g-darkness of meditation that lead to increasing the temperature area special breathing method(so-called "vase breath") ifocused visualization.

"Vase breath" is a special breathing technique that causes thermogenesis or heat production processes.

Focusing on visualization involves focusing on a mental image of a flaming flame along the spine with the task of preventing heat loss.

This combined technique raises body temperature to the zone we consider moderate fever.

Professor Kozhevnikov explains: "Practicing this kind of breathing is the only safe technique that can regulate body temperature in normal limits.

The practitioners whom I learned from this technique, after the temperature rise, felt full of energy and could be better focused.

Further research will be directed to the fact that even non-Tibetan practitioners through this technique improve their health and improve their cognitive performance. "

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